# Buttplug.io Hardware Page Redirect

So, you're probably wondering why you're here.

You may have tried to access the hardware pages of buttplug.io, but we removed those, because they weren't really in line with the rest of the website. Almost all of the information on those pages can be found here.

Welcome to Sex Toy Protocols I Have Known And Loved (aka STPIHKAL). This is a reference guide to all of the sex hardware protocols we've reversed. It also includes video sync formats, firmware/bootloader info, and anything else that might be relevant to implementing software for intimate hardware controls.

Because I'm lazy, I didn't make redirects go from the hardware page you were trying to visit to the corresponding hardware page here, so you'll need to select it from the table of contents.

If you're looking for information about the MK312-BT, check out the github repo for that project (opens new window).

Have fun,